Cagayan governor backs Anti-Terrorism Bill

Rodrigo Duterte

CAGAYAN Gov. Manuel Mamba has backed President Rodrigo  Duterte’s Anti-Terrorism Bill.

Mamba said the enactment of the Anti-Terrorism Bill is timely to completely stop all forms of terrorism like activities of the communist rebels.

Mamba said he hopes Duterte will sign the measure into law.

He noted that people have long expressed fears of violence during harvest season because of intimidation from rebel groups in the countryside.

Mamba bared his disappointed with the rebel group’s intimidation and threats to the lives and properties of the Filipino people.

Entrepreneurs, contributors and even simple citizens have long been wrapped up in fear because of the alleged continuous extortion of some members of the New People’s Army (NPA).

The governor said the insurgency problem has been preventing local and foreign investments in Cagayan.

Various development projects have been affected by the destruction caused by the burning incidents perpetrated by terrorists groups on public works and government facilities.

Because of this, the government said the Filipino people need to unite against terrorism to live quietly and away from fear.

The governor said there is no reason to rebel against the Cagayan government following reforms that have been implemented and supported by the Universal Health Care, Free Tertiary Education, 4 Ps and others.

Mamba said now is the time for members of the NPA to return to the fold of the law because the government is sincere in addressing their grievances.

The Cagayan government has been also implementing reforms that would make their citizens strong and allowing them to participate in good governance activities.