Candon City rolls ‘Market on Wheels’ program

CANDON CITY — The City Government of Candon brings the market closer to residents through its “Market on Wheels” program as part of the local government’s response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

City Mayor Ericson Singson, said the program was conceptualized to minimize movement of people in the city and to dissuade the public from flocking to the city’s market to curb the possible transmission of the COVID-19.

The program also seeks to encourage consumers to patronize the local produce and to help the local farmers and producers sell their products while the entire Luzon is under the enhanced community quarantine.

The city’s “Market on Wheels” started to roll on Thursday, March 26 where a bus and a truck filled with wet market goods – such as meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables – were deployed to serve the villages of Palacapac, Cubcubbuot, San Andres, Amguid, Santo Tomas and Allangigan Primero.

Today, the mobile market also went to the barangays of Tamurong 1st, Tamurong 2nd, Salvador 2nd and Bugnay.

While in operation, vendors and consumers are advised to wear face masks or any alternative face shields and to practice strict social distancing protocols as ordered by the authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The “Market on Wheels” will cover all the 42 barangays in the city the next schedule and destination of the program will be posted in the city’s official Facebook page.

To ease the burden of the residents, the city government also provides free shuttle services for the barangays and for front liners while mass public transport facilities are suspended.