Cebu landslide death toll now at 45

September 24, 2018
Debold M. Sinas

THE death toll in last Thursday’s massive landslide that hit a small village in Naga City in Cebu rose to 45 yesterday with the recovery of 16 more bodies hours after heavy rains on Saturday temporarily halted all government rescue and retrieval operations in the area, officials said.

Ten others have been pulled out alive from the disaster site and are still undergoing hospital treatment, said Police Regional Office 7 director, Chief Superintendent Debold M. Sinas.

The official identified the  fatalities as Althea Siton, 4; Olivia Moral, 63;  Ananabel Lobiano, 40;  Romeo Jabonilia, 40; Francisco Yopac,60;  Michael Versales, 16; Mark Laurence Campanilla, 3; Vianca Versales, 19;  Raul Gepuit, 47; Laura Capoy, 52; one Baby Girl Campanilla; another Baby Girl Campanilla; Nina Siton; Crystal Jean Siton; Lauro Campanilla; Juanito Siton, 42;  Em eliana Siton, 85; Jocelyn Siton,11; Aracelle Lobiano,49; Jemuel Campanilla,12; Jazwel Campanilla, 32; Lemuel Campanilla, 33; Jenessa Campanilla, 32; Marcelina Campanilla, 52; Franz Laurence Campanilla,10; Zeny Campanilla, 24; Lauro Campanilla, 55;  Lexter Campanilla, age unknown,; a man believed to be Leo Campanilla who was found with a colostomy bag; Susan Aguanta; Jella Siton Aguanta,18; Felipa Merly Baclaan, 54; Victoriano Abalo, 60; and Jesus Aguanta, age unknown.

The rest of the fatalities remained unidentified as of press time but they include one man wearing a basketball short with jersey no. ’23,’ a baby girl about 4-years old who was found wearing a pink polka dots t-shirt; a woman, about 50-years old wearing a black spaghetti shirt with pink striped-leggings, a topless girl, around 3-5 years old wearing a red short; and a man found in Apo area.

The rescued victims  were identified as Rose Ann Lobiano,40; Christopher Semillar, 44; Nestor Capoy, 52; Junalyn Siton, 16; Basilla Omambac, 58; Sidney Ravanes, 35; Babyjane Ravanes, 8;  Nito Gepoet,50; Eloisa Siton,11-years old; and Geraldine Lapitan, the latest to be rescued alive.

Sinas is personally supervising all police search, rescue and retrieval operations in the site which has been declared off-limits to unauthorized persons amid the danger of another landslide.

“We’re totally enforcing the no-entry limit in the danger zone, even to journalists and non-rescuers,” he said.

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