Cebu town police chief arrested for ‘sleeping’ with female inmate

Ildefonso Miranda Jr. and Jean Claudia de Guzman
SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY. Argao Municipal Police Station commander Maj. Ildefonso Miranda Jr. lies beside de Guzman, who was found staying in the official’s airconditioned room instead of a police jail.

AGENTS of the Philippine National Police - Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (PNP-IMEG) late Thursday night arrested the chief of Argao Municipal Police Station in Cebu for “sleeping” with a female inmate.

PNP-IMEG director Col. Ronald Lee said that Maj. Ildefonso Miranda Jr. was found sleeping and presumably having sexual relationship with a young woman being held at the police station’s lock-up facility for violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

“The female inmate and another fellow are supposed to be locked up at the police jail, not sleeping at the room of the police station commander,” said Lee as he recommended to Police Regional Office 7 director Brig. Gen. Albert Ignatius  Ferro  the conduct of summary dismissal proceedings against the erring police officer.

According to the official, members of the PNP-IMEG Visayas Field Unit placed Miranda under surveillance amid reports that female detainees were staying and sleeping inside his office in gross violation of police procedures.

Reports had it that the 46-year-old police official is having sexual relationship with female inmates in exchange for the privilege to sleep in his air-conditioned office.

Around 11:20 p.m. on Thursday, PNP-IMEG operatives, joined by officers from the Police Regional Office 7 Regional Special Operations Group and Regional Investigation and Detection Management Division raided the Argao Municipal Police Station located in Bgy. Poblacion, Argao, Cebu and placed the police chief under arrest after they found him sleeping with one of the inmates identified as Jean Claudia de Guzman alias “Tarya Jr.”

The other detainee, Brenda Cutillar, was also found sleeping in the office of the police chief.

Cutillar is said to be acting as an “assistant” of de Guzman.

“Major Miranda and de Guzman were found sleeping in one bed while the other female inmate was deep in her slumber at the police chief’s office. This won’t be tolerated,” Lee said.

Lee added that pictures they recovered showed the police major going out with de Guzman in his own vehicle, posing together for a photo souvenir at a local beach, and even allowing the female detainee to wear his uniform and play with his weapons.

One photo showed the woman wearing a robe followed by another photo with Miranda wearing the same robe.  The pictures showed that the two were in an intimate relationship and sleeping in one bed.

“However, all those pictures were taken after the woman was arrested and jailed for a drug offense in the Argao Police Station, meaning she was not locked up at the prison cell and instead was allowed to live like a queen in the police chief’s office,” Lee said.

The PNP-IMEG director said that the 46-year-old Miranda was stripped of his PNP-issued Glock 17 cal. 9mm semi-automatic pistol following his arrest.

Officers also confiscated the erring officer’s Piertro Beretta pistol with two loaded magazines.

Miranda will be facing charges for violation of Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, Direct Bribery and violation of Article 156 of the Revised Penal Code which refers to the “Delivery of Prisoners from Jail.”

The law states that the “penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any person who shall remove from any jail or penal establishment any person confined therein or shall help the escape of such person, by means of violence, intimidation, or bribery. If other means are used, the penalty of arresto mayor shall be imposed. If the escape of the prisoner shall take place outside of said establishments by taking the guards by surprise, the same penalties shall be imposed in their minimum period.”