Confirmed COVID-19 carrier, 2 PUIs die in Quezon

April 05, 2020

LUCENA CITY--- One of the 11persons confirmed to have the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and two more patients under investigation (PUIs) in Quezon province have died, according to local health officials.

In a bulletin issued by Quezon Public Information Office (QPIO) under Janet Geneblazo at 9 a.m. Sunday, it was announced that a patient from Candelaria who was earlier confirmed to have been  infected by the virus has passed away.

The QPIO also reported the death of two PUIs, both reportedly caused by acute respiratory failure.

Apart from the two are the four other PUIs who earlier died.

So far, there are still 288 validated PUIs in the province.

Of the figure, 171 have been advised to go on home quarantine. At present, 95 of them have already been cleared while the other 117 PUIs have been required admission to medical facilities.

At the moment, 60 of them have been discharged, 51 are still admitted and the remaining 6 have died.