Cops hit New People's Army arson attack

THE Police Regional Office 2 headed by Police Brigadier General Jose Mario M. Espino yesterday condemned the latest New People’s Army atrocity in Cagayan Valley which saw heavily-armed NPA guerrillas burning six heavy equipment being used in a government road project in Alcala, Cagayan on Thursday evening.

“The PRO2 strongly condemns the burning of six heavy equipment by the NPA last night in Barangay Agani, Alcala, Cagayan. The NPA’s activity is proof of their motive to pursue their lawless purpose, contrary to their claim of protecting the people,” said Espino.

An investigation showed that at around 9 p.m. Thursday, some 30 fully-armed NPA gunmen forced their way into the CAMIA Construction compound and at gunpoint threatened the employees present.

The rebels then doused gasoline on three mixer trucks, one dump truck, one grade and one steam roller truck before setting them on fire. The rebels fled on foot shortly after the incident.

Espino described as an ‘evil act’ the NPA move to destroy the heavy equipment being utilized for a government road-concreting project in Barangays Baybayog, Masin, Pared and Pussian in Alcala town.

“This is another proof of their desperate move to extort money from the construction firms in the locality,” he said amid findings that the arson attack was staged amid the failure of the owner of the construction company to heed the NPA’s demand for revolutionary tax.