Duterte gives sacked Bacolod cops a ‘dressing down’

January 16, 2019

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte gave sacked Bacolod Police chief Sr. Supt. Francisco Ebreo and four other police officials a “dressing down” for allegedly allowing the proliferation of illegal drugs in their jurisdiction, the Palace said yesterday.

The President met with Ebreo, Sr. Supt. Allan Rubi Macapagal, Supt. Richie Makilan Yatar, Supt. Nasruddin Daud Tayuan, and Sr. Insp. Victor Paulino days after he fired them.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said Duterte “expressed his frustration as to why they had no knowledge about the presence of certain personalities in Bacolod who are involved in the illegal drug industry.”

Panelo said the five police officials were relieved from their posts pending investigation.

“This swift action of the President is a timely warning to other PNP officers that the President will not tolerate incompetence and inefficiency in the police force, especially with respect to the administration’s crusade against illegal drugs,” Panelo said.

“While our efforts in destroying the illegal drug apparatus should remain firm and relentless, we take this occasion to reiterate PRRD’s position that he will support policemen resorting to force only when the same is inevitable as when, in the performance of their duties, a suspect sought to be arrested performs aggressive and violent resistance amounting to an actual or imminent threat to their lives and limbs,” Panelo said.

The Palace and the PNP leadership defended Duterte’s sacking of the five police officials, even though they have yet to give details on the officers’ alleged role in the illegal drug trade.

Duterte’s long-time aide, Bong Go, said the five policemen denied any involvement in the illegal drug trade in a meeting with the President.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency also said that the five sacked cops had no derogatory records.