Ecija cops intensify KMJ implementation on Labor Day

CABANATUAN CITY -- Nueva Ecija provincial police commander Col. Leon Victor Z. Rosete directed today all his police chiefs to intensify the implementation of KMU or "Kilus Manghuli ng Unauthorized Persons Outside Residence" as their security protocol in preparation for the upcoming Labor Day celebration on May 1.

Rosete said Operation: KMU is aimed to prevent the holding of any mass gatherings and rallies in the province amid the COVID-19 crisis and in preparation for any eventualities such as the holding of protest-actions during its commemoration on Friday.

He said he made the marching order to his field commanders in anticipation of the "mobilization of communist terrorist groups (CTGs)" during the said Labor Day celebration.

Rosete noted that since the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in March, the Nueva Ecija provincial police office has registered a total of 481 ECQ violators wherein 249 cases were already filed in court such as violations of Art. 151 of RPC (Resistance and Disobedience to an Agent of Person in Authority), PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling) and R.A. 11332, curfew and liquor ban.

He added that KMU would ensure that only Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) like front liners, and essential goods/commodity workers based on the guidelines of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF), are allowed to go outside their homes, considering that Nueva Ecija is one of the high-risk provinces in the country.

Last April 23, the IATF included Nueva Ecija and other high-risk areas to maintain the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) until May 15.