Ecstasy overdose eyed in Sinulog reveler’s death

January 24, 2019

A 19-YEAR-OLD woman who collapsed and died in the middle of a Sinulog party in Cebu City last Sunday turned out to be a victim of a party drug overdose, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

An examination of the blood sample of victim Ashley Abad conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency showed presence of party drugs.

Police and PDEA investigators are eyeing the designer drug “Ecstasy” as the cause of the victim’s death.

Police Regional Office 7 director Chief Supt. Debold Sinas said that Cebu City police and PDEA investigators are set to interview the doctor who examined the victim’s body. He added that they are set to subject the victim’s mobile phone to a forensic examination as part of the ongoing investigation.

Sinas said they are also set to interview the boyfriend and all friends of the victim who were with her during a concert on the eve of the Sinulog Festival, many of them identified with the help of her relatives.

The concert took place at the Cebu Business Park.

The Central Visayas police director said they have also asked the security provider to allow them to view the CCTV footage at the entrance of the party venue to check the condition of the victim and her companion before she died.

The victim’s unnamed boyfriend and another friend are being considered as persons of interest in the ongoing investigation.

Reportedly, the woman’s boyfriend admitted to the doctor who examined the victim that she took a party drug a week before the party and popped another pill during the actual party.

Abad’s friend also claimed having seen the victim’s boyfriend giving her a drink prior to her death.

“We are exploring all the information as part of our ongoing effort to find out the truth behind the victim’s untimely demise,” Sinas said.

Relatives of the victim who are fully cooperating with the ongoing  investigation suspected that someone spiked her drink with the party drug or forced her to take it since she was not a drug user.

The victim collapsed in the middle of the event and was attended to by medical personnel of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation but passed away hours later.

The concert was organized by the Plus63 Music and Arts Festival.