Expanded maternity leave bill needs review -- Sara Duterte

February 19, 2019
Sara Duterte-Carpio

CAGAYAN -- Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio believes that the bill on Expanded Maternity Leave needs  further review.

The measure, which extends the maternity leave from 60 to 105 days, awaits President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature to become a law.

In an interview before the start of the campaign sortie here, Duterte-Carpio said while she finds the bill beneficial to the mothers, there is also a need to balance it so that businessmen will not be affected.

“Ako as a mother, I would say na okay ang bill because mas maganda  ‘yung matagal na  magkasama  ang mother at ang baby,” she said.

“But on the point of business naman dapat siguro tanungin nila ang mga negosyante, ang employers. What are their thoughts  and paano sila maka-adjust because every time na may isang employee na bayad at hindi pumapasok, considered na parang loss sa employer,” said Duterte-Carpio, the founder and chairman of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago.

The Expanded Maternity Leave bill was transmitted to the Office of the President after Congress ratified the 105-day Expanded Maternity Leave.

During the Bicameral Committee conference, lawmakers added five more days to the original 100-day maternity bill. This is 45 days more than the previous 60 days.

The bill also grants solo mothers of an additional 15 days, for a total of 120 days leave.

The bill also doubles the allowed paternity leave to 14 days, from the current seven days.

If President Duterte fails to act on the bill within 30 days from receipt, it will automatically lapse into law.

“Usually marami tayong mga SME enterprise. Pambalance maybe, they can give  half pay siguro or quarter pay or half of the full pay or quarter of the full pay,” she said.