Fake news angers Batocabe widow

January 01, 2019

DARAGA, ALBAY-- The widow of murdered AKO-BIKOL Party-list Representative Rodel Batocabe, Gerti Duran Batocabe, was angered by “fake news” circulating on Facebook alleging that no one can substitute for her late husband as candidate for mayor in the 2019 mid-term polls in May this year.

Mrs. Batocabe said “this is another desperate move by Batocabe’s political rivals in Daraga town to discredit her husband’s candidacy.” Her husband’s killing is being perceived by police investigators as a result of Intense Police Rivalry (IPR) in Daraga.

Lawyer Justin Batocabe, son of the slain solon, told local reporters what was posted on Facebook was fake news. His father, who is a member of the National Unity Party (NUP) when he filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) last October, can be substituted based on Comelec rules, laws and legal jurisprudence until May 13, election day in 2019, the young Batocabe pointed out.

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit at the wake of Batocabe last December 26, the President reportedly urged the widow to substitute for her husband in the mayoral race in Daraga town in the coming polls.

Mrs. Batocabe later said that she will substitute for her husband in the mayoral race to serve her town and continue the legacy of her husband as party-list representative of Albay province.