Governor Umali facing off Vergara in Ecija’s all-women Congress bid

December 05, 2018

CABANATUAN City -- Three members of the Umali clan who skipped filing their respective political bids during the regular filing of certificates of candidacy last October, finally made their presence felt and substituted for allied candidates to vie for separate elective positions this coming 2019 midterm polls in Nueva Ecija.

Gov. Czarina “Cherry” D. Umali will now face off with re-electionist Rep. Rosanna “Ria” Vergara in a battle between two women for third district representative.

The province’s first lady governor, running under the banner of the Umali-led local party Unang Sigaw Partido ng Pagbabago, will try to reclaim her former post as congresswoman of the province’s third district, which she held for three consecutive terms from 2007-2016.

Czarina substituted for Luisito “Boy” Ronquillo, former Bongabon town mayor, while Rosanna replaced her husband, outgoing three-termer Cabanatuan City Mayor Julius Cesar “Jay” Vergara.

Julius Cesar will now run for Cabanatuan City vice mayor with his daughter Myca Elizabeth Vergara, substituting for Ria and gunning for the city mayorship. The Vergaras are allied with the administration’s PDP-Laban party.

Meanwhile, former three-termer Gov. Aurelio “Oyie” M. Umali, Czarina’s husband, filed his CoC as a substitution-bet for elder brother Gil Raymond “Lemon” Umali. The former provincial chief executive will try to regain his old post at the capitol which he held from 2007-2016.

Another Umali sibling, who filed his CoC as a substitute-bet, was Cabanatuan Vice Mayor Emmanuel Antonio “Doc Anthony” M. Umali.

He will be Aurelio’s running mate for vice governor for next year’s midterm polls in the province.