Hi-way robber killed in Batangas firefight

October 28, 2018

SAN Jose, Batangas -- Police on Friday reported that a highway robber was killed in police encounter after the suspect held up a biker while waiting for his companion along the road in Bgy. Aguila, the report said.

San Jose Municipal Police Station head Chief Insp. Virgilio M. Jopia said the victim, Gommer Metrillo Abrenica, was sitting on his parked Honda Beat motorcycle at around 10:35 p.m. and waiting for his friend when the suspects, riding on a blue motorcycle, suddenly arrived and declared a holdup.

According to the victim, the back rider poked a gun at him and asked for his money, cellphone and jewelry then fled.

The patrol team led by SPO2 Briones, who was then conducting an “operation against tambays” in the area, was approached by the victim and asked for help.

The authorities onboard a police Mahindra 045 mobile truck immediately pursued the suspects who were traveling at high speed.

Moments later, the suspects were cornered by lawmen in Bgy. Bagong Pook, but instead of surrendering, they fired shots at the policemen, who  were forced to fire back.

One of the suspects succumbed to gunshot wounds in the body while his cohort escaped on foot.

An unmarked caliber 357 revolver loaded with six spent shells in the cylinder, a sling bag and the blue Honda MC without plate number were recovered at the scene.

The San Jose MPS sought the assistance of the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) technicians for forensic investigation of the crime scene.

The neutralization of one of the suspects will significantly lessen the occurrence of robbery-holdups in the area of responsibility and adjacent cities and municipalities and will be a great contribution in the peace and order situation in Batangas province, said Jopia.