IMEG: 9 dead, 229 jailed in rogues crackdown

October 15, 2019

STEPPED-UP crackdown against rogues in uniform from February 3, 2017 to date have already resulted in the killing of nine scalawags in shootouts and the arrest and filing of charges against 226 others, Philippine National Police Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (PNP-IMEG) director, Colonel Romeo M. Caramat Jr. said yesterday.

In a report to PNP Officer-in-Charge, Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, the PNP-IMEG director said that of the 226 suspects arrested, 126 are members of the police force, 10 of them Police Commissioned Officers, 115 are Police Non-Commissioned Officers and one is a Non-Uniformed Personnel.

Caramat said that during the period, two PCOs and seven PNCOs died in gunbattles as arresting officers have no recourse but to return fire when the suspects started shooting after realizing they were dealing with undercover officers.

Caramat said that they have also filed administrative charges against 123 police personnel composed of 10 PCOs, 112 PNCOs and one NUP during the period in review.

Another 137 policemen composed of 15 PCOs and 122 PNCOs were also charged thru regular filing while 86 were charged with administrative cases only.

On the other hand, Caramat said that criminal charges were also filed against 203 suspects arrested. Twenty-one others were charged in court thru regular filing.

He added that PNP-IMEG counter-intelligence operations during the period also led in the dismissal from the service of 61 erring policemen.

Two others are undergoing pre-charge investigation, two were demoted while two others were suspended.

The others cases are still either being reviewed by the PNP Internal Affairs Service or the PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management’s Discipline and Law and Order Division.

As of yesterday, two of the accused remained under the custody of the PNP-IMEG while 15 others are being held in lock-up facilities of other PNP units.

Seventy-two others are already on bail with their cases undergoing trial to date.

However, there were also a number of rogues in uniform and government service who were freed after the criminal cases filed against them were dismissed by the court due to the failure of the complainant to appear despite due notice. Some cases were also dismissed by the Department of Justice due to lack of probable cause.

Lt. Gen. Gamboa has ordered all police counter-intelligence units led by the PNP-IMEG to further step-up their effort to identify and arrest rogues in uniform with a warning that those who will try to put up a fight will find themselves either in the hospital or six feet underground as officers are under orders to shoot in self-defense.

Principal target of the aggressive counter-operation by the PNP-IMEG, the PNP Intelligence Group under Brigadier General Edgar S. Monsalve and the different PNP counter-intelligence units from PNP regional offices and national support units are policemen involved in ‘kotong,’ illegal drugs and other criminal activities.

PNP Highway Patrol Group director, Brig. Gen. Eliseo DC Cruz said he has also ordered his counter-intelligence teams to go after any HPG officer and men who will be found using or in possession of stolen motor vehicles  or giving motor vehicle clearances under the highly-fraudulent ‘non-appearance scheme.’

The PNP earlier said it is targeting to arrest 391 police officers and men who remained included in the drug watch list of President Duterte, Gen. Albayalde said.

Originally, there were 854 policemen in the President’s list of ‘narco-policemen’ but as of last month, only 391 of them are still the target of operations by the PNP-IMEG and other PNP counter-intelligence units.

Gamboa underscored their unrelenting crackdown against rogues in uniform as part of the PNP reform program. He said that from July 2016 to July 31, 2019, a total of 2,476 police officers with various administrative cases were dismissed, 493 got demoted, 4,240 were suspended, 202 meted with forfeiture of salaries, 684 were reprimanded, and 45 were placed under restrictive custody.

Also, a total of 438 police officers involved in drug related cases were immediately dismissed from the service after undergoing due process, he said.