Kapa execs snub Department of Justice investment scam probe

July 05, 2019

OFFICERS of controversial religious group Kapa-Community International Ministry Inc. yesterday failed to appear before the Department of Justice (DoJ) at the start of the preliminary investigation into charges linking them to alleged large-scale investment scam.

Neither was there any lawyer or any representative present before the panel of prosecutors chaired by Assistant State Prosecutor Zenamar Machacon-Caparros, which is conducting the preliminary investigation based on the complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Caparros said that subpoenas have been sent to all of the eight respondents in the complaint, ordering them to appear at yesterday’s hearing.

“Na-serve na lahat pero ‘yung mail wala pa return,” she told reporters.

Caparros said subpoenas were usually sent to the last-known addresses of the respondents.

Despite the absence of the respondent, Caparros said the eight Kapa officials will be given another chance to appear at the next hearing set on July 15.

Apart from founder and president Joel Apolinario, the seven other Kapa officials named as respondents in the SEC complaint are Reyna Apolinario, Margie Danao, Catherine Evangelista, Rene Catubigan, Marisol Diaz, Adelfa Fernandico, and Moises Mopia.

The SEC said the respondents violated Section 26 of SRC prohibiting the so-called Ponzi scheme, an investment program that offers high returns and pays investors using the money contributed by other investors.

According to SEC, the respondents enticed the public to donate at least P10,000 in exchange for a 30 percent monthly “blessing” or “love gift”.

The Commission said Kapa “amassed wealth through an investment scam in the guise of religion and at the expense of the investing public.”