Kapa founder, officials face syndicated estafa raps

July 08, 2019

THE National Bureau of Investigation yesterday filed additional charges of syndicated estafa against officers of Kapa Community Ministry International Inc. for their alleged involvement in a large-scale investment scam.

Syndicated estafa is non-bailable.

Charged before the Justice Department were Kapa founder Joel Apolinario, Nonita Urbano, Junnie Apolinario, Nelia Niño, Maria Pella Sevilla, Jouelyn Del Castillo, Cristobal Barabad, Joji Jusay, Reyna Apolinario, Modie Dagala, Benigno Tipan, Jr., Marnilyn Maturan, Ricky Taer, Margie Danao, and another unidentified individual.

The respondents were officers and employees in Kapa’s offices in Sarangani province, Quezon City, and Taytay, Rizal.

They were charged with eight counts of syndicated estafa, which was on top of the five counts of violation of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC), earlier filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The charges for the new complaint was made after NBI investigators secured affidavits from three Kapa investors  who claimed that they invested huge sum of money to the group.

Previously, Kapa executives have been accused of violating Section 26 of the SRC, prohibiting the so-called Ponzi scheme, an investment program that offers high returns and pays investors using the money contributed by other investors.

According to SEC, the respondents enticed the public to donate at least P10,000 in exchange for a 30 percent monthly “blessing” or “love gift.”

The Commission said Kapa “amassed wealth through an investment scam in the guise of religion and at the expense of the investing public.”