Laguna hospital holds Cancer Summit

March 10, 2020
Brassica Vegetables
Regular and clinical nutritionist Dr. Jacqueline Burgos explains that Brassica vegetable, a member of the family of vegetables that includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and pechay, contains substances that may protect the body from cancer.

CALAMBA Medical Center (CMC) in Calamba City, Laguna on Tuesday held a Cancer Summit focusing on the importance of right nutrition to avoid the deadly disease.

The CMC dubbed the Healthcare City of the South, with a newly-opened Cancer Center,  gathered the best doctors and nurses to the event.

Doctor Jacqueline Burgos, regular and clinical nutritionist, said food gives joy and comfort but  there are toxins in food. “Toxic foods are killing us softly. We are willing victims,” she said.

Burgos said among the pro-cancer foods are processed foods liked canned and instant goods, pork and pork products, beef, chicken, fried food, seafood, white sugar, white bread and chips.

The anti-cancer foods, according to her, include vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals, legumes, probiotics like yogurt, unpolished rice, unpolished sugar, whole grain meat and foods riched in omega 6 and omega 3 such as egg and fish.

According to Burgos, Mediterranean diet is the best overall diet since it is organic and has no pesticide.

She said eating the right food  partnered with exercise are the best tools to fight cancer.