Laguna Lake boaters chase UFO

January 06, 2019

LAGUNA LAKE --“You do not know the excitement of seeing and chasing a UFO. We were riding on a banca on our way home here in Laguna Lake, approximately 2 a.m.

We were three on the boat. It is almost half a kilometer from shore when we saw very beautiful lights in the sky travelling exactly towards our path.

It was really beautiful lights.

At first we thought that it was just an ordinary helicopter because the Manila International Airport is just 20 kilometers away from where we are are.

When flying object was exactly above us, very low and slow flying, we are really amazed by the beautiful lights above us.

The flying object is circular in shape with triangular lines extending from the edge to edge, very big round lights in the center and three big round blue lights in every sides of the triangle lines below the object.

What is fascinating is that there was very beautiful small lights flashing beneath.

We had a very clear sight of the object flying exactly above us and the object almost stops above us very low.

We steer our boat to the direction where the object is heading because this object is flying very slow, we are really excited watching the beautiful lights we are following.

We followed the object for two minutes and we are shouting with excitement.

Then we steer back on our way to shore because we are worried that we will be running out of gasoline.

As we headed to shore, I could not pull my eyes away from the object full of beautiful lights.

Then after almost three seconds, the object suddenly flew very fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This object is rotating as it flies and all its four enormous beautiful lights beneath are all rotating as well. Such a fascinating experience.     

There are very unforgettable moments in our life, until now this moment keeps haunting me... and may I add this object was soundless, no sound at all, is very huge, really very big round object with very beautiful lights never seen in my life here on our planet.” - Ricardo Capre

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