Late mayor's daughter, 8, among Quezon's 25 confirmed COVID-19 carriers

April 12, 2020

LUCENA CITY--- The number of confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases and patients under investigation (PUIs) in Quezon province keeps on rising despite the total lockdown imposed by authorities.

In its 8 a.m. bulletin, Quezon Public Information Office (QPIO) under Ma. Janet Geneblazo disclosed that the province now has 25 confirmed carriers of the deadly virus, 5 of them have died while 3 survived.

The QPIO only disclosed that the two latest cinfirmed COVID-19 patients are an 8 year- old girl from Pitogo, Quezon  and a 37 year- old male health worker residing in this city.

But it was learned from a reliable source that the girl is a daughter of a former Quezon mayor to his second wife from Pitogo town.

The former mayor recently died after testing positive of the virus.

His second wife who was exposed to him also tested positive of the dreaded respiratory disease and is up to now confined in a medical facility.

QPIO said that so far, there are 608 validated PUIs provincewide, 16 of them have died.

Quezon Governor Danilo Suarez had ordered the implementation of a total lockdown of the province which started April 9 as he noticed the continuous increase of the number of COVID-19 cases.

Saying the consistent increase is already alarming, Suarez had ordered the police to immediately impose the lockdown.