Man, 42, admits skinning, murdering Cebu teener

Debold M. Sinas

A MAN who confessed he was obsessed with the late 16-year old Christine Lee Silawan has surrendered to the local police and admitted to have murdered and skinned the victim last January 13, the Police Regional Office 7 reported yesterday.

The 42-year old suspect turned out to be included in the drugs watch list of the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office, said PRO7 director, Brigadier General Debold M. Sinas.

“The suspect confessed that he was the one who killed Silawan and made an extra-judicial confession,” the official said.

According to the official, the suspect confessed he has a fetish for having sex with young girls, Silawan included and days before abducting and killing her had ‘fantasized of going to bed with her.’

The suspect whose name was not immediately revealed was arrested for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition in his house in Barangay Bankal in Lapu-Lapu City last Tuesday.

Sinas said that officers went to the suspect’s residence to question him regarding his possible involvement in the Silawan case but ended up taking him to the local police station after they discovered a loaded caliber .45 pistol in the area.

The arrest of the adult suspect came after the National Bureau of Investigation last March 15 arrested a teenager who was accused of killing Silawan.

Investigators said that when discovered in an empty lot in Bgy. Bangkal, half of the face of the victim was skinned exposing her skull. A local Crime Laboratory official also said that the suspects took out the anterior and front part of her neck and extracted her trachea, tongue, esophagus, right neck muscle, and right ear.

The PNP Crime Laboratory also conducted a dental forensic examination on the victim and confirmed she was indeed the missing Silawan. The victim’s un-erupted molars also proved that she is a minor, said PNP forensic dentist, Chief Inspector Dindo Herrera.

An angry President Duterte has expressed outrage over the brutal killing of Silawan even as the local police yesterday continued its hunt for at least three suspects who were believed to have sexually abused the victim before stabbing her 30 times and skinning her to the skull.

Officials also said that they are inclined to believe that the victim apparently knew her killer or killers citing text messages on the former’s cell phone which said she would be meeting somebody before she was killed.

Silawan is  a Grade 9 student at the Mactan High School residing in Sitio Dapdap in Soong, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu