Man shot dead inside van in Batangas

A MAN who was driving his Mitsubishi L300 van was shot dead by unidentified suspects while on his way home in Rosario, Batangas on Friday.

Rosario Municipal Police Station commander Major Jaime S. Pederto identified, the victim who suffered one fatal gunshot wound in the back as Julius Caesar Marasigan.

Pederio said the shooting incident transpired at around 4 p.m., April 24 in Bgy. Cahigam,Rosario.

Initial investigation disclosed the victim was on his way home when the unidentified suspect/s on board an unknown type of vehicle tailed him and when they got close to the van shot the victim.

The assailants quickly sped off, police said.

Police said the victim who was rushed to Palma Malaluan Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by  the attending physician.

The Rosario MPS conducted a follow-up operation for possible apprehension of the suspect/s.