Mariveles allots P40M for laptops, tablets

MARIVELES, Bataan—Good news to teachers and students:

Mayor Jocelyn P. Castańeda revealed that a total of P40M has been set aside for the acquisition of laptops and tablets in a bid by the municipal leaders to further boost the education sector here.

In an interview with local newsmen Monday, the lawyer-turned mayor said a total of 1,200 teachers will be given laptops while the tablets will be distributed to around 16,000 students.

She said Mariveles is ready for the August 24 opening of classes.

The planned distribution of gadgets to teachers and students is part of Mayor Castañeda’s and the Sangguninang Bayan’s program to further upgrade the education program in this town.

She pointed out that the P30 million will be coming from the general fund and they added P10M more for the said program she called ‘blended and e-learning processes,” as the town goes to ‘new normal.’

At the same time, Mayor Castañeda assured that for those who have no capability for internet connections, like those in remote areas, they will also be given the chance to have it through what she called ‘ socialized internet connections’ after she herself talked with Converge, a major internet provider in Central Luzon.

By next week, Mayor Castañeda said the cash allowance of 1,700 high school scholars--P1800 each scholar or P600 monthly--will be given to them.

She added that this supposed grant of allowance to the scholars was delayed a little bit due to the breakdown of COVID-19 pandemic.