Overstaying Jordanian in Mindanao arrested for illegal recruitment

AN overstaying Jordanian who reportedly promised two Filipinas non-existent high-paying jobs in the Middle East was nabbed by operatives of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Mindanao.

BI intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. Tarek said El Abed Albarghouti was arrested in General Santos City by by members of the BI’s Mindanao Intelligence Task Group (MITG).

Manahan said the Jordanian was arrested based on a mission order issued by BI Commissioner Jaime Morente who learned  of the foreigner’s illegal status.

He said Albarghouti is now detained at the BI’s Immigration district office in Davao City while undergoing deportation proceedings for being an overstaying alien.

“A check in our travel database showed that he had been overstaying in the country for more than five years as he has never departed since he arrived here on April 22, 2014,” Manahan said.

BI-MITG head Melody Gonzales added that Albarghouti was the subject of a deportation complaint of two women who claimed the former swindled them of more than P30,000 which he refused to return despite their repeated demands.

Albarghouti allegedly asked for the money as payment for processing and facilitating the women’s departure to Dubai purportedly  to work as hotel reservation officers.

The Jordanian is became an undocumented alien after his passport  expired on March 19 this year.

The Jordanian  admitted  he did not bother to apply for an extension of his stay as a tourist since he arrived in the country, saying the fee was too much.