Paulo Duterte asks court to cancel Trillanes’ bail

January 17, 2019
Paulo Duterte and Antonio Trillanes IV
Paulo Duterte and Antonio Trillanes IV

THE camp of former Davao City Vice Mayor presidential son Paolo Duterte yesterday asked the Davao City Regional Trial court to cancel opposition Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s bail for libel.

The young Duterte’s lawyers sought the cancellation of Trillanes’ P96,000 bail and his eventual arrest after he left the country last December without seeking court permission.

Trillanes left for Europe last month after the Makati Regional Trial Court handling his rebellion case allowed him to travel. He was scheduled to leave for the United States on January 27.

Duterte’s lawyers argued that Trillanes effectively repudiated his bail for libel when he left the country without asking first the permission of the Davao RTC.

“Evidently guilty of flight, accused has flagrantly violated the conditions of his bail and this court’s custody over him,” the motion read.

It added that it was a “fundamental breach that automatically puts an end to his contract of bail.”

The motion said that the Davao court should issue an alias warrant of arrest to restore its jurisdiction over the senator.

“Under the cause and effect doctrine, accused’s arrest is but an offshoot of his flight,” the motion said.