Poutry farmers get aid from Department of Agriculture

January 20, 2019
Emmanuel Piñol

THE Food Terminal Inc. (FTI) and the National Tobacco Administration (NTA) have offered to buy poultry farmers’ excess production of chicken and sell them during the lean months of the year.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said the plans of  the two agencies were already endorsed for the release of funds for the program to Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno.

The NTA, an agency involved in the tobacco industry but established a poultry dressing plant and cold storage facility in the North as a livelihood program to support tobacco farmers.

Piñol explained that both agencies have approved  plans to engage in the buying of broiler chicken from small farmers which would then be dressed and kept in cold storage facilities to be released to the market middle of this year when the supplies would be less.

The FTI, on the other hand, Piñol said will start buying from the poultry farmers as soon as they are able to identify a dressing plant and cold storage facility which could accommodate the stocks.

He added that the offer of the two agencies for help for the country's broiler raisers has already been relayed to United Broiler Raisers Association (UBRA President Bong Inciong.

Piñol said farm gate prices of chicken have dropped to as low as P38 per kilo live last week as the poultry sector saw a huge increase in production which happened just as large volumes of imported chicken arrived in the country for the Christmas holidays.