Retired US soldier, 2 others killed in Cebu shooting

A RETIRED member of the United States Marine Corps shot his stepson and a barangay captain dead in Talisay City, Cebu Thursday evening  before he was killed in a shootout with police officers who stormed the suspect’s house owned by his late Filipina wife.

Police Regional Office 7 director Brigadier General Debold M. Sinas identified the slain Filipino-American as Segundino Torrefranca alias “Dean.”

Sinas said members of the Special Weapons and Tactics of  the PRO7 and the Talisay City police were forced to return fire when Torrefranca  began firing at them as they approached the suspect’s house in Sitio Bliss, Barangay Lawaan 3, which he also tried to burn.

The incident took place shortly after Torrefranca shot and killed his stepson Jed Vergel Ibañez,30; and village chief Jimmy Bartelic,59.

Sinas said the Talisay City police were informed about the shooting incident at the victim’s ancestral house.

It turned out, Ibañez sought the assistance of Bartelic in settling his misunderstanding with his angry stepfather. However, the heavily-armed retired U.S. Marine shot the two as they were about to enter his house, killing both on the spot.

Sinas said  the Talisay City police led by Lieutenant Colonel Marlou Conag cordoned off the house  and demanded the surrender of the suspect.

“However, he refused to yield and continued to fire his rifle before trying to burn the house prompting SWAT officers to shoot him,” Sinas said.

Initia; investigation showed that prior to the shooting incident, Torrefranca and his stepson had a heated argument over the sharing of the properties left by the latter’s late mother Delia Ibañez Torrefranca.

Ibañez is one of the two children of the woman from her first husband who has passed away already. The victim’s other sibling are already based in Canada.

Sinas said  the Explosives and Ordnance Disposal and K-9 team searched the house amid suspicion that the slain suspect was keeping explosive materials. However, the search yielded negative result.