Tacurong hospital execs condemn bleach attack on front-liner

March 29, 2020
Eyes checked
ATTACKED — A worker of St. Louis Hospital in Tacurong City has his eyes checked by an ophthalmologist after unidentified men splashed his face with household bleach on Friday afternoon (March 27, 2020). The victim’s eyes were fortunately saved. Photo courtesy of SLH

COTABATO CITY – Officials of a private hospital in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat province on Saturday condemned the attack on one of its front-liners in the fight against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) who was splashed with disinfectant.

In a statement released late Saturday, officials of St. Louis Hospital (SLH) also condemned the attackers, five men, who also insulted the victim as they poured the hospital worker’s face and body with disinfectant.

SLH administrators said their worker was beside the highway waiting for the van that will bring him from President Quirino town to Tacurong to report to the hospital when attacked on March 27.

Five men walking along the road suddenly approached him and asked, “Are you from St. Louis Hospital?”

Before he could respond, one of five splashed him with a bleach and all then ran away.

“Outnumbered and alone, he was helpless as these vile individuals splattered Zonrox all over his face which could have caused irreparable and permanent damages to his eyes,” the hospital statement said.

“Fortunately, he was able to rush himself to the hospital where he was given prompt treatment,” the statement added.

The SLH opted not to name the victim pending an ongoing investigation by the police.

The same statement said the hospital personnel was a breadwinner “as many of our front-pliners are."

Officials said the front-liners remain unfazed by the discrimination that they now face daily but they appealed to all to stop the violence so that caring for the sick could proceed unhampered.

“We respectfully demand that justice be given,” the hospital officials said.

The victims' co-workers said he is now okay and is fast recovering. “His eyesight was saved,” they said, adding he vowed to continue working and is staying at the hospital.

The police in President Quirino town are still investigating the incident and hunting down the suspects. PNA