Teener kills self for not having laptop

October 19, 2019

THE sixteen-year-old high school student was at a loss as to  how she would be able to  bring the laptop computer required in class.  Finally, she came up with a solution.  She gathered several blankets and tied them  together. Next, she looped one end around her neck and tied the other to a beam inside the house. Then she hanged herself.

Parents of the teenage girl reported to the police that “Rachel” was found lifeless hanging inside their house, with blankets that were tied-together and loped around the victim’s neck.

Father of the victim, Dante Apcagara told police investigators her daughter “Rachel” (not her real name) had lamented to him that her teacher was requiring that each student bring a laptop computer in her class.

Apcagara said the teenage student reportedly got stressed on where to get a laptop for the class requirement and did not have a family problem, or a quarrel with her boyfriend in school, until.

The concerned teacher at the Pag-uring Nuevo National High School refused to respond to inquiries about the laptop requirement in her school. The Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) of the local police here has taken an interest in the incident of the 16 year-old high school student.