Vicente Ladlad’s arrest legitimate -- Department of National Defense

November 14, 2018

THE Department of National Defense (DND) yesterday stressed that the  arrest of Vicente Ladlad was legitimate and conducted by proper authorities contrary to the claim of his family that it was illegal and the high-powered firearms and explosives  recovered from him were planted.

DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the claim of Fides Lim Ladlad, wife of the arrested consultant of the CPP-NPA, that the evidence seized from him were planted were only meant to discredit the Philippine National Police (PNP) and exonerate her husband.

Lorenzana said the statement of Mrs. Ladlad that the arrest of her husband was done to derail the peace process is purely wrong because the peace process was already suspended by the President last June.

“Mrs. Ladlad also says that the arrest of her husband was done to derail the peace process. She is wrong. How can the peace process be derailed when it was suspended/stopped last June by the President? Upon termination of the peace talks, Mr. Ladlad should have turned himself in as his provisional liberty to be part of the NDF negotiating panel as a negotiator had also expired,” Lorenzana said.

“Besides, our localized peace efforts have achieved far more success in less than a year than the numerous formal talks abroad since the 80’s. The Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) of the Task Force Balik Loob continues to positively transform the lives of former CPP-NPA and Militia ng Bayan rebels who returned to the folds of the law to rejoin their communities and live normal lives,” he added.

The DND secretary explained that the arrest of Mr. Ladlad  will only mean that anyone found violating Philippine laws will be dealt with accordingly.

He said the matter should be best left to the court and Mrs. Ladlad should trust in the fairness of the justice system of the government.