Village kagawad slain, wife spared

SAN ANDRES, QUEZON -- A barangay kagawad was killed by one of the two robbers who barged into his house at  Sitio Bahay, Bgy. Tala, here, before dawn yesterday.

Town police commander Senior Insp. Joseph Ian Java said the victim, Kagawad Rodini Boot, 37, of said barangay suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died instantly after he was shot by the unidentified robbers.  

Java said Boot and his wife were sleeping at their living room when two armed robbers managed to get inside their home at around 2 a.m.

Awakened by the noise, he said Boot’s wife immediately rose from the bed to check it but one of the suspects quickly covered her mouth and at gunpoint, asked for their money.

For fear of her life, Java said the woman led the suspect to their bedroom and handed to him their hidden cash and valuables.

“But Boot suddenly woke up prompting the other suspect to shoot him, killing him instantly” said Java in a phone interview.

The woman was left unharmed by the suspects who promptly ran away after the incident.

He said some of his operatives are still tracking down the suspects.

Java dismissed allegations that the killing was politically motivated.

“Our investigation shows that it was a mere robbery with homicide incident,” said Java.