Villar Group donates crystal clear water to UPLB, Tagaytay City health office

March 31, 2020
Crystal clear water

AMONG the clear non-negotiables in the fight against COVID-19 is maintaining public health via ensuring constant access to proper hygiene and hydration—especially now that summer has officially set in.

As such, the Villar Group, through Crystal Clear Purified Drinking Water, has been working closely with various organizations during this critical time, extending much-needed help in terms of donating drinking water.

Yesterday, the Villar Group turned over 3,000 bottles of Crystal Clear to UP Los Baños for distribution to students stranded in their dorms. Another 4,800 bottles have been turned over to Tagaytay City Health Office, for the city’s frontliners and other medical staff.

Among the other institutions that the Villar Group and Crystal Clear have partnered with during this time of enhanced community quarantine are the Department of Health, the Philippine Red Cross, and the GMA Kapuso Foundation—by supplying them with bottles of purified drinking water for redistribution to frontliners and affected citizens.

Crystal Clear has also assured the general public, in an advisory posted on its Facebook page, that all of its water refilling stations remain open throughout the quarantine, and that Crystal Clear bottled water is also still available in all branches of All Day Supermarket and All Day Convenience Store.