Zambo del Norte gubernatorial bet declared nuisance candidate

THE Commission on Elections has declared Roberto Escobio Uy who is running for governor in Zamboanga del Norte a nuisance candidate.

The Comelec First Division ordered the cancellation of the certificate of candidacy of Escobio Uy.

Incumbent Gov. Roberto “Berto” Uy expressed elation over the ruling, saying the voters of Zamboanga del Norte can exercise their right and power to choose their leaders properly.

“We are grateful for the quick and timely action of the Commission on this matter,” Gov. Uy, who is seeking a reelection, said.

Gov. Uy also expressed hope that the Comelec will “provide a complete remedy to the confusion by directing that any  and all votes for “Roberto Uy” are to be credited to the legitimate candidate.”

“There will be definitely be no intention on the part of Zamboanga del Norte voters to vote for an impostor fielded to confuse them,” he added.

“To put into the mix candidates without serious intention or capabilities to run a campaign would actually impair the electoral process,” stated the ruling penned by Comelec Commissioner Al Parreno.

The Comelec said the candidacy of Roberto Escobido Uy would cause damage and prejudice not only to Gov. Uy but to the Filipino electorate.

“This is not to mention candidacies which are palpably ridiculous so as to constitute a joke,” it added.

The case stemmed from the filing of a petition by the team of Gov. Uy questioning the candidacy of another Uy which was meant to confuse voters.

Gov. Uy is being challenged by Zamboanga Del Norte Rep. Seth “Bullet” Jalosjos.

The governor alleged that the fielding of the other Uy was purely meant to deceive the voters of the province.

Gov. Uy said the other Uy had no legitimate purpose other than to cause confusion among the voters of Zamboanga del Norte considering the similarity of their first name and family name, and even their nickname.

The Comelec said the disqualified Uy was “unknown in the political scene and had no prior experience as an elective official.”