Power couple divided over Trump

December 11, 2018
Donald Trump

WASHINGTON -- He is one of Donald Trump’s harshest critics.

She is one of the president’s closest advisers.

And they’re husband and wife.

The marriage of George T. Conway III and Kellyanne Conway has been described as the best reality show in Washington.

Kellyanne Conway, 51, served as Trump’s campaign manager and is credited by many with making possible Trump’s improbable elevation to the White House.

Now counselor to the president, she is known for her pugnacious promotion of the administration’s policies as a guest on cable news shows and for coining the phrase “alternative facts.”

George Conway, 55, is her husband of 17 years and the father of their four children — three girls and a boy, George Jr.

A prominent conservative attorney, Conway is a former member of the Republican Party who — until he soured on Trump — was under consideration for a high-ranking Justice Department position.

Asked last month on a Yahoo News podcast why he turned down the chance to become assistant attorney general, Conway called the administration a “dumpster fire” and said he would rather “move to Australia” than vote for Trump again.

It was a rare media appearance by Conway, who prefers to use his Twitter feed — @gtconway3d — to spew an endless stream of mockery and derision at a president whom he clearly loathes.

As Trump’s legal woes deepened last week, Conway retweeted a picture of a 1973 newspaper headline in which then-president Richard Nixon insisted “I’m not a crook.”

When Trump claimed last week that a filing by New York prosecutors in a case involving his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, “totally clears the president,” Conway had a stinging rejoinder.

“Except for that little part where the US Attorney’s Office says that you directed and coordinated with Cohen to commit two felonies,” he tweeted to his 225,000 followers. “Other than that, totally scot-free.”

He responded to another Trump tweet with a reference to the federal statute that covers witness tampering, a tweet which received nearly 59,000 “likes” and nearly 17,000 retweets.