GSIS freezes pensioners’ show-up rule until Dec.

August 19, 2020

The Board of Trustees of the Government Service Insurance System  no longer requires pensioners to report to GSIS on their birth month or comply with the Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation until the end of 2020 to ensure the safety of its pensioners.

The pension fund also restored the suspended pension of those who failed to comply with APIR from March to July this year because of the coronavirus disease crisis. 

GSIS credited their pension Tuesday in their United Multi-Purpose ID system or ecard accounts. 

"We need to exhaust all means to protect our pensioners and members from the transmission of the virus so for the rest of the year, we are not requiring them to report to GSIS either physically or via online. Despite this, they will continue to receive their monthly pension without letup," GSIS president and general manager Rolando Ledesma Macasaet said in a statement. 

Macasaet said the agency would institutionalize the online reporting of pensioners or online APIR next year. 

He added it would take the initiative to contact pensioners on their birth month for their APIR through widely-used video conferencing platforms such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Skype, with the pensioners would  be the one to choose the method they prefer.

"We enjoin our pensioners to practice using their preferred video conferencing facility now so they will be ready to communicate with us online in 2021," Macasaet said.