How to get a cash loan with sure approval in the Philippines and not be fooled?

November 12, 2019

Financial difficulties have happened to each of us. At these moments, the question “How to quickly find money?” arises in the head. Sometimes, waiting for the approval of banks, collecting a pile of documents is not an option. The most common option is to apply for personal cash loans with sure approval in the Phillippines through a micro lending company. This is a safe and quick option, however, until now, many are afraid to contact microfinance organizations because of their lack of knowledge about how to do it right.

In this article we will give step-by-step instructions on how to get a loan and how to choose a lender.

Options of getting cash loan in the Philippines with sure approval and no collateral

To apply for a loan online you must:

  1. Decide on a lender - a financial institution that will provide you funds for a certain period. Choose the one, which suits your requirements: number of IDs and guarantors, collateral and terms of the loan.
  2. Fill out an application for a loan on the official website of the chosen company.
  3. Expect a positive decision from the lender.
  4. Make sure that money is credited to the card or withdraw it in cash. Following this scheme, you can take a loan from any microcredit organization.

Consider these steps in more detail. Choosing a lender is the most important part. It happens that it is very difficult to decide on a microfinance organization or there are doubts that your application will be rejected. For such cases, first analyze the offers presented on the market. This will allow you to easily compare the rate, terms and amount, as well as other conditions of the potential loan. We recommend that you immediately apply for at least 3 organizations - so the chance that your application will be approved will be much higher. Also, look at companies that offer loans at 0%, this is not a hoax, some lenders give their first clients a loan at 0%, albeit for a small amount.

Apply only for legit cash loan with sure approval in the Philippines

Usually, an application for receiving funds does not differ much from a one lender to another. Sometimes, you have to provide less information. As a rule, microfinance companies are limited to scanning of one government ID, an roof of stable income, phone numbers and a bank card. It is also important to indicate how you want to receive money: on a card, on an account or in cash.

As a rule, when you deal with a legit lender, you do not have to wait answer for a long time. If all the documents are in order, you will be asked to sign the contract. This can be done using the code that comes in the message on the phone or via email. However, if you receive a notification with a refusal, then do not despair, it is better to try contacting another lender.

Money will go to the indicated card or account in 10-20 minutes. Or if you chose to receive cash, then you can pick it up at the nearest branch. It is important to keep track of the period for which you can use the loan and to repay it in time, because this is the key to successful approval of applications for subsequent applications.

Convenience of cash loan with sure approval via apps in the Philippines

Times when loans were only the prerogative of banks are in the past. Now many microfinance organizations offer similar services. But financial progress does not stand still, and now you can take a small loan without visiting creditors' offices at all! Your smartphone will help in this, or rather a new application on it. Mobile application for online lending is a rather new product offered by a number of lenders in the Philippines.

The program provides an opportunity to get a loan online. Naturally, with this method, the lender's risks increase, because of which the interest rate is from 1% to 1.5% per day, and the maximum amount at the beginning is rather low. It is better not to even consider overpaying for a year, this option of lending usually assumes that the borrower will pay off his obligations within a month.

How often did you have to postpone an online purchase or choose a cheaper model due to the fact that the card account lacks some money? Now, within 30 minutes you can receive an answer after filling out loan application form! That's it, the purchase took place, and you can repay the loan taken the very next day.

If you decide to repay the loan later, then at any time you can see the amount of debt and the next payment in the same application.

Is it difficult to use a cash loan app?

After installing the application, you can get acquainted with its functionality only through registration. The procedure is quick, most importantly, indicate your real data. This also applies to the mobile phone number, because you will receive an SMS containing a username and password to enter the system.

The next required step is to link your bank card. Please note that the card should belong to you, and not to your grandmother, sister or friend! The surname and name located on the card must match with the data specified during registration. Entering a false card number will also fail. The information entered into each of the fields is validated, therefore, if an incorrect combination of numbers or a mismatch between the last name and first name is detected, the system will generate an error.

The applications are developed and maintained by an officially registered legal entity that has the necessary permissions to process personal data. Also, lending apps are partners of almost all well-known payment systems.