How to stay safe when you gamble online

August 07, 2020

In general, the online gambling industry is very safe. Almost all online casinos are licensed by reputable regulators and function pretty much the same way as a land based casino does. But like in any other industry there are always some rotten apples in the basket. This is why it’s imperative that you take steps on how to stay safe when you gamble online. Just follow the advice from our list and you’ll never have any problems while playing at online casinos.

1. Look out for a licensed casino

This is the first thing you need to check before you sign up at some casino and make a real money deposit. It’s your responsibility to check and do some basic research about the casino in question. This can be easily done by checking to see if the casino has a valid operating license and by doing some basic research on the internet.

The most reputable licensors in the industry are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and several others. So if the casino has a valid operating license you can be sure that you’re playing at a safe and reputable operator. You can also learn a lot about the casino in question by checking the rating and player comments across gambling forums.

2. Avoid casinos that don’t ask for verification

The verification process is standard at all licensed online casinos. This is done in order for you to prove that you are who you say you are and for the casino to protect itself from bonus abusers. The UKGC today asks for players to verify their identity before they are allowed to make a real money deposit at the casino.

But in recent years we can see a rise of no ID verification casinos. Yes, it’s more convenient to play at these casinos, since sometimes the verification process can be lengthy. But at the same time you need to consider the fact that you are in fact playing at a non-licensed online casino. So if you win big and they decide not to pay you, you have no official body to turn to for help.

3. Avoid using public computers

Playing from public computers is a big no-no. The reason for this is simple. You are entering sensitive information on the casino site, like your credit/debit card details. You never know what’s been happening on the public computer before you use it. Someone could have installed a key logger and can easily get a hold of your sensitive information. If you have to use a public computer for playing, then it’s recommended to deposit from your phone and only use the computer for playing the games.

4. Avoid offshore sites

Offshore sites are always a risk to play at, regardless of what anyone tells you. The reason for this is simply in the poor legislation. For example, an online casino can display a gambling license from Costa Rica. If you’re a newbie player you can easily think that this is a legit casino, since they have a valid operating license. But little do you know that in fact Costa Rica has 0 laws for online casinos or any kind of online gambling legislation. This means that virtually anyone can set up shop there at a very low cost and start an online casino. So if they decide to take your money and run, there’s no official body to report them to.

5. Use e-wallets or Bitcoin for monetary transactions.

The main reason why you should use e-wallets and Bitcoin is that they provide anonymity. You can easily make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos by using these payment providers and you won’t have to display your bank account or credit card information. This way you minimize the chances of your details being stolen and someone using them to take your money. Another great advantage is that withdrawals are processed much faster to e-wallets and Bitcoin, than they are to a bank account or credit/debit cards.