Philippines Internet connectivity prospects bright

November 21, 2018

Executives of the San Pedro, Laguna-based technology company, Shiptek Solutions Corporation, remain optimistic about Internet connectivity in the country, thus, the establishment of its end-to-end digital logistics platform called XLOG.

During the launch of the platform on Tuesday, Nico Gonzales, Shiptek Solutions Chief Marketing Officer, said XLOG is an integrated suite of logistics tools targeted to streamline logistical workflow and allow smooth shipping transactions.

He explained that the online platform allows shippers to save on time and resources since they can easily book logistics requirements on-line.

He said the shipments are secured since transport containers will be attached with global positioning system (GPS) devices, and both the importer and exporter will be able to track the shipments’ milestones through XLOG.

Shippers and logistics suppliers will also be able to communicate safely through the XLOG application (app) and undertake financial transactions through the platform’s free online electronic wallet (e-wallet).

Gonzales clarified that they are not a service provider but rather an aggregator, which earns a commission from a portion of freight cost.

“Shipping fees are dictated by services providers. We don’t charge anything except for a certain percentage of the freight cost,” he said.

Gonzales also said they are currently focusing on tracking and shipping of containerized shipments “because this is what our customers are looking for.”

“But we will consider providing warehousing services by 2019,” he said.

Even if XLOG is online-based platform, Gonzales is confident that they will be able to provide efficient service to their customers even if the Internet connectivity in the country is not yet at par with some of its neighbors.