NBA great left oohing, aahing by ‘Triggerman’

Allan Caidic

GLEN Rice knows the efficiency of Allan Caidic's shooting technique in a star-studded competitive game.

Ranged against former NBA superstars, the PBA great, who was then 47 years old, fired in 14 three-pointers and produced a game-high 52 points in the NBA Asia Challenge in one nostalgic August 2010 night at the Araneta Coliseum.

Caidic's accurate marksmanship from beyond the arc powered Team Red to a 177-167 victory over the Chris Webber and Mitch Richmond-led White squad in the exhibition held on Aug. 27, 2010.

Since Rice saw Caidic up close and personal as a teammate in that game, the former NBA champion has been a believer of "The Triggerman."

As time went on, Rice's admiration for Caidic only grew stronger, and it's more than enough now for Rice to call the local hero one of the best shooters ever.

Not just in the Philippines, but in the game of basketball.

"Listen, Trigger... Allan, he's my man. We had the opportunity to play there and he 's definitely a top-notch shooter," Rice said in an interview set up by NBA Philippines recently.

"You gotta put him in the top of the class, especially because he went out there at his age and put on a show," he added.

Caidic's 14 triples in the NBA Asia Challenge is only three short of the all-time PBA record 17 three-pointers, a feat is still unmatched up to this today, on Nov. 21, 1991 where he scored 79 points, which is also the league-high.

"I can only imagine seeing him play in his prime," Rice said of Caidic.

"I would have to say that he's up there with all the shooters with the Larry Birds, the Glen Rices, the Steph Currys and whatnot. He's definitely going to feel at home in that group," he added.