Sixers’ Harris hurt in scary fall

August 24, 2020

FLORIDA--Philadelphia forward Tobias Harris suffered a laceration over his left eye in a frightening fall Sunday in the 76ers' season-ending NBA playoff loss to the Boston Celtics.

Harris was battling for the ball under the basket when his legs were swept from under him and he fell hard, hitting his head on the court.    

He stayed down as medical staff and 76ers coach Brett Brown raced to tend to him, eventually rising and walking off the court holding a towel to his left eye and temple.

The 76ers had the deficit at just two points before Harrais departed late in the third period, but Boston closed the quarter on a 12-0 scoring run on the way to a 110-106 victory and 4-0 sweep in the best-of-seven set.

After being stitched and bandaged up and evaluated for concussion, Harris returned to the contest, finishing with 20 points in the game.

"I'm still in some pain with it," Harris said after the game. "It was a hard fall for sure.

"Obviously got stitched up up here, and my ribs were kind of affected.

"The big thing is kind of how I'm going to be feeling tomorrow morning. I'm hoping and praying for the best."

Sixers coach Brett Brown said he wasn't surprised to see a hurting Harris return to the do-or-die game.

"He's high character," Brown said.