Floyd camp: our man is not interested

January 21, 2019
Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather pays Pacquiao a visit inside the dressing room before the fight on Sunday night.

On return bout between Mayweather, Pacquiao A Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather, Jr Part 2 in July?

At this moment, hopes to see the two boxing legends mixing it up once more time at age 40 remain dim as far as one of Mayweather’s closest friends is concerned.

“No. He’s retired .” Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, answered without batting an eyelash when a sportswriter asked if the two are fighting each other again in the near future.

“He has no interest in doing that,” he said.

Even if fighting Pacquiao could mean another enormous sum of money, Ellerbe was asked during the press conference shortly after the Filipino great overwhelmed American Adrien Broner to win by unanimous decision on Sunday in Las Vegas.

Ellerbe said that while Mayweather might seem like he’s always about the money, that’s not necessarily the case at this point in his life.

“Well, it’s not always about the money, believe it or not,” Ellerbe said.

“It’s not always about the money. What more can the man do? You know, he doesn’t have the motivation, the desire. You know, he’s living his best life. Travelling. Running his multiple businesses, spending his (hard- earned money), that he spent blood, sweat and tears many, many years (making).”

“Well, he’ll be 42 come February 24th and, you know, enough is enough,” he said.

“You know, what good does it do you can all that money, when you can’t stick around and spend it? You know, he’s had a phenomenal career. He’s broke all the records. He has nothing else to prove. I’m very happy for him.” 

But according to boxing writer Keith Idec of Boxing Scene, skeptics suspect this public exchange essentially was part of initiating negotiations to pay Mayweather as much as possible to end a third retirement.

Mayweather outpointed Pacquiao three years ago in their first meeting that went down as the richest fight ever, but missed to live up to the hype.

Meantime, a noted analyst also expressed doubt that Pacquiao would secure a rematch with Mayweather—who watched the bout from ringside—following the Filipino’s 2015 loss, saying he failed to knock Broner down.

“He won clearly, but I’m not sure Floyd Mayweather lost any sleep after that, or is itching to jump in the gym for another fight,” Ring Magazine report Ryan Songalia was quoted as saying by the AFP.