No need for Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission -- Batocabe

December 10, 2018

IS there a need for the Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission (PBCSC)?

Do we really need to create a new government regulatory body to do the job being already performed by the Games and Amusement Board (GAB)?

If we need it in boxing and combat sports, do we also need it in basketball and  other professional sports?

If you ask Partylist  Rep. Rodel Batocabe of AKO-Bikol,  the answer is a big N-O.

“There’s no need for it, really,"  said Batocabe in a statement to sportswriters recently.

“What should be done is not to create another (commission) but to strengthen the institutional mechanisms regulating boxing and other sports,"  claimed Batocabe.

“Ang GAB subok na nating lahat sa  matagal ng panahon. Kung bagong commission,  may learning curve pa, may trial and error pa,” stressed Batocabe

“Sa basketball,  former Sen. Robert Jaworski did not put up a basketball commission during his time as a lawmaker,”  added the noted partylist representative.

Batocabe said it is not timely to add another layer to an already bloated bureaucracy.

“There are more presiding concerns like settung up  OFW and disaster preparedness commissions,” he explained.

Batocabe said he is satisfied with the performance of the GAB,  headed by three-term lawmaker Abraham  “Baham” Mitra.

Under Mitra, GAB was even awarded as “Commission of the Year” by the powerful World Boxing Council (WBC).

“If the GAB, which has more than 140 member-countries,  recognizes the work of GAB,  we should also do so.”

Earlier, the Mixed Martial Arts community, led by Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founding president Alvin Aguilar, came out into open to oppose the ceation of the PBCSC.

“Ayaw namin. Kung tatanungin kami, sasabihin namin hindi na ito kailangan dahil maayos naman ang aming kalagayan sa ilalim ng Games and Amusement Board (GAB),” said Aguilar during his appearance at the weekly Tabloid  Organization in Philippine Sports (TOPS) “Usapang Sports” at the National Press Club Bldg. last  Nov. 29.

“Sabi nga, why rock the boat when everything is alright in MMA,” added Aguilar, who also serves as spokesman of the various MMA stakeholders set to be affected by the creation of the new commission by July next year.

Aguilar, also the president of the Wrestling Federation of the Philippines (WFP), said the MMA community is satisfied with the performance of the GAB.

“The MMA movement is working closely with GAB for the professional conduct of the sport since 2003. Wala kaming problema. They (GAB) are working hard to ensure the safety of both the fighters and promoters,” explained Aguilar.

“All concerns regarding the fighters, promoters, managers and even the ring announcers are being monitored completely by the GAB. Maayos naman lahat,” he added.

The PBCSC is a brainchild of world boxing champion Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

It is already expected to take effect next year following the approval by the Senate of the bill calling for the creation of such body .

Two resolutions-- House Bill No. 6158 authored by Rep. Rogelio D. Pacquiao and No. 8257 authored by Rep.Enrico Pineda -- are also up for approval in the Lower House.