7’s Football League set

January 25, 2019

THE  return of the Bohemian Sports Club will highlight the opening of the third season of the 7’s Football League at the McKinley Hill Stadium starting Feb. 3

Twelve  teams, including three new clubs, will participate in the one of a kind tournament using the 7 versus 7 format, 15-minute per half format.

Bohemian, led by former Azkals player Jason de Jong, is easily one of the favorites.

“Bohemian is making the right moves. I think they will be the team to beat. They  signed Izzo (Elhabib). They took Hamed (Hajimehdi) away from me,” said Anton del Rosario, the founder of the league,  during the press briefing at the Belle and Dragon Restaurant in Makati last Thursday.

“And They have Jason de Jong on the team. They have some good players on that team, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they could do on the field,” added Del Rosario, a former national football player who saw action for Global Cebu in the Philippines Football League recently.

Aside from Bohemian, the other  teams taking part are defending champion Super Eagles, runner-up Ghana FC, Ceres, Stallion, Delimondo FC, Real Amigos, Matu Deportivo, Futbol Fanatics, Tondo  FC and newcomers Super Bad and H&J All Stars

The league started in February last year with only eight participating teams.

“After that we found potential with it. We became competitive. We had our second season and we expanded to 10 teams,” he added.

Del Rosario also announced the entry of Philam Life as the league’s newest major partner.

The partnership was formalized with a contract that also took place during the press launch.

“They’re the perfect partner for us because they wanted to get into football. This season is the perfect partner for them in line with what they want to do,” del Rosario said.

Del Rosario said there will be 11 match days that will be held every Sunday at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

Tournament format calls for a single-round robin, with top eight teams advancing to the knockout stages.