Adamson joins 'bandwagon'

April 18, 2020

Adamson University continues with its relief efforts to help the frontliners helping in the battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the vulnerable communities placed under enhanced community quarantine.

A few days ago,  Adamson rolled out two of its buses to help transport the staff of Makati Medical Center.
The first bus travels to and from MMC and Paliparan-Molino Road while the other has its lone pick-up point at the LRT Monumento Station.

"We are deploying two buses daily to transport the staff of Makati Medical Center. Wala kasing public transport right now. To help them get to work and home safe, we gave them our buses," said Adamson's representative to the Board of Managing Directors Fr. Aldrin Suan, CM.

Besides this, Adamson also opened its doors to the medical workers of Philippine General Hospital.

The dormitory of the university's women's volleyball team is now being used to house a number of PGH's staff.

"Twenty-four to thirty PGH staff ang nakatira dun ngayon. We are giving them accommodation and also food nila. Every week, a new group comes in kasi pag-duty nila one-week yun, then they will rest for another week so a new group comes in after that," Suan shared.

Besides this, the stranded student-athletes of Adamson are also continuing with their own drive of distributing groceries and packed meals to various barangays in Manila and, as well as, the people dislodged by the ECQ.

Currently, there are 62 student-athletes from the softball, women's basketball, pep squad, football, and baseball varsity teams still inside the campus. And they took the initiative to lead this operation.

"Tuloy-tuloy yun kasi within Manila, we are regularly helping out one hundred sixty families in Manila. Tapos may mga pocket communities din from Valenzuela, Paranaque, and neighboring communities that we give goods also. Also, we give five hundred packed meals daily to the homeless na dating nakatira in Luneta. They are now living along Taft Avenue, Kalaw, until the Manila City Hall. We give them five hundred regular meals daily," said Suan.

"With that, the student-athletes here took the initiative to be in charge sa packaging. Sila yung nag-lealead sa donation drive natin."