Croatian GM to play UQCC standouts

May 24, 2020

CHESS never stops -- even during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The United Queens Chess Club (UQCC) celebrates its anniversary by inviting top-ranked GM Ivan Saric of  Croatia in a specual 30-board simultaneous online exhibition matches against its members.

"The United Queens Chess Club is thrilled and honored to welcome ranked number one GM Saric to clash against our 30 youngsters in an all-out online battle," said Cherry Ann Mejia of UQCC in her Facebook post.

"Be amazed by his achievements and watch him impress our players and spectators as he shows his greatness on the board," added Mejia.

Mejia said Saric is a good choice to play against UQCC members.

"Saric earned his GM almost 12 years ago with a peak ELO rating of 2703. Starting at the age of five, he ventured in many local tournaments and became strong enough to compete internationally," wrote Mejia.

"He did not disappoint his compatriots as he quickly rose to be a cut above the rest when he earned his Im title in 2007 and his GM  title a year later. "

"Even still as an IM in 2007,  he surpassed several IMs and GMs to be crowned as the champion in the European Youth Chess Championship with an overall score of 7/9  against 74 titled players. He triumphed at the 2008 World Youth Chess Championship U18 on his way to getting his third GM  norm.

The UQCC is one of the most active chess clubs in recent months, organizing several online tournament during the pandemic.

The UQCC also co-organized the highly-successful Philippines vs Sweden All-Female Chess Showdown, which the Filipinas handily won.