GAB to Global FC: Let's talk

August 08, 2020
Abraham "Baham" Mitra
Chairman Mitra and GAB commissioners Mar Masanguid and Eduard Trinidad.

THE Games and Amusements Board (GAB), headed by Chairman Abraham “Bahan” Mitra, will look into the complaints of several professional players against their team Global Football Club.

In the letter to GAB, a total of 15 professional football players and one team physical therapist sought the help of the government agency regarding non-payment of their salaries by their football club.

“The GAB has been receiving complaints that some of the players of Global FC  professional football team have not yet received their salaries,” said Mitra in a press statement yesterday.

Mitra, a three-term lawmaker from Palawan, directed the GAB legal department to inmediately look into the case and resolve the matter inmediately.

“To comply with the due process requirements, the GAB has conducted investigation and thus issued a show cause order to the management of Global FC to explain its side in writing within 10 days from receipt of such order,” added Mitra in the statement.

“As the government agency tasked with regulating and supervising professional sports in the country, GAB shall ensure that the welfare of our professional athletes should be upheld at all times.”

Mitra lamented the situation of the athletes, especially during the pandemic, which forced most sports, including football, to grind to a halt for more than five months now.

The incident report also came after the GAB, Philippine Sports Commission and Departnent of Health have worked closely with the  Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerg8ng  Infectious Disease (IATF) for the implementation of the Joint Administrative Order (JAO) for the resumption of training of pro sports, including football.

Mitra said he has also sought the assistance of the Philippine Football Federation to get the side of Global FC and act on such complaints within 10 days.

Earlier, PFL Commissioner Coco Torre admitted that Global FC indeed failed to meet its financial obligstions to the players.

“It is very disappointing to hear that Global FC was not able to stand by their commitment despite being reminded  to settle the outstanding wages,” said Torre in an online interview.

Last July 23, the PFL and Global FC sat down to discuss the issue and resolve the complaints by the players.