Go Que, Yap triumph

November 13, 2018
Victor Tan
Victor Tan ( left) and Emilio Romero are PHA North Alcala lap winners in the Young and South Birds, respectively.

GATTARAN, Cagayan –  Benito Go Que ruled  the Young Birds class and Egay Yap topped the Old  Birds category in the fifth leg of  the Philippine Homing Pigeon Association (PHA) North  Series  last Nov. 11.

Go Que and  PHA-18-1800757 --  a blue check cock out of Kerby Chua (Adonis/Goddess) X Koopman/222B Line origin -- made a speed of 1,347.621  meter per minute to clinch top honors in the Young Birds class.

Another Go Que’s entry --  PHA-18-1801746 , a pencil cock out of  Inbred 222B X Sablon bloodline --  clocked 1,347.574 meter per minute for second place.

Rey So  and PHA-18-1800518 -- a blue bar cocck out of Florizoone X Sablon --timed 1,339.605  meter per minute for third place.

Also making it to the Top 10 are Rey So, who took fourth to ninth  places; and Victor Tan,who salvaged 10 th place.

In the Old Birds category, Egay Yap edged Henry Tan and PHA  president Jaime “Jimi” Lim for first place.

Yap and  PHA-18-1854221 -- a blue check cock out of Stichelbaut X Lucky 8 Line -- clinched first place with a speed of 1,330.674  meter per minute.

Tan and PHA-18-2832232-- a blue check cock out of Vyverman X Jos Thone -- settled for second place with a speed of  1,324.755  meter per minute.

Lim and PHA-18-2835004 – a blue check hen out of High Action Line X Flying 52 Line –clinched third place with a speed of 1,294.541 meter per minute.

The other top finishers are Paul Ung,  fourth place; Johnson Si, fifth place; Johnson Si,  sixth place; Burlington Loft, seventh place; Solomon Solano, eighth place; Emilio Romero, ninth place; and Solomon Solano,10th.

PHA racing  chairman Nelson Chua said a total of 708 birds out of 843 birds from 81 lofts were clocked in the Young Birds series; and  175 birds out of 191 birds from 39 lofts  were clocked in the Old Birds class.

The other previous winners in the PHA North are:

First leg, Munoz, Oct. 14  -- Joel de los Reyes  (Young Birds) and Jaime “Jimi” Lim (Old Birds).

Second leg, Sta. Maria, Oct. 21 --  Jeg Ambrosio (Young Birds) and Henry Tan (Old Birds).

Third leg,  Tuguegarao, Oct. 28 --  Charlie Chen (Young Birds) and Benito Go Que (Old Birds).

Fourth leg, Alcala, Nov. 4-- Victor Tan (Young Birds) and Emilio Romero (Old Birds).