Knights' to rescue chessers

April 11, 2020
Mind Chess

THERE'S help  coming even for the local chess community.

The Brotherhood of the Knights of Square Table, the only chess fraternal organization in the country,  is doing its share to help during the enhanced communith quarsntine brought about by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Dubbed  "ChessTawid CoVid", the find-raising campaign is aimed at raising fund to help indigent chess players affected by the  worldwide pandemic.

"We have accumulated some amount to help some of indigent chess players during this difficult times," said Brotherhood of the Knights of Square Table founder-president  Capt. Ronaldo  P. Banaag in his Facebook post.

Assisting Banaag in the noble undertaking are Wilhelm Joey Ardiente, Cristine Mariano-Wagman, Henry Lopez  and Jezz Mendoza Lopez.

The Brotherhood of the Knights of Square Table is also actively organizing online chess competitions to keep the players busy while staying at home during the government-imposed community quarantine.

"We have also organized a series of online chess tournaments for all the players to enjoy during their stay at home," he said.

"This is In line with the government's call for an enhanced community quarantine that will keep us safe in our homes and enjoy the game we love most," added Banaag.

Good samaritans can send help or donation through AGM/Viceroy Henry Roger Lopez, GCash number 09473663897.