New talk snow for modern Pinays

A NEW talk show that will inspire young, modern Filipinas is ready to hit the air.

In the online media conference that was aired on the ABS-CBN Sports Facebook account and YouTube Friday, volleyball stars Eya Laure, Ponggay Gaston, Michelle Cobb and Rosie Rosier are looking forward to sharing  about being their real selves during the show

"I don't feel any pressure. They will see in the show who we really are," said Laure.  "The four of us will be able to share our experiences that people will be able to relate to."

One of the country's best open spikers, Laure acknowledges that the young girls are looking up to them, especially being as role models in the sport.

"I’ve met a lot of women athletes who compete abroad, like (weightlifter) Hidilyn Diaz. Nakakalakas siya ng loob," said Laure, who powered University of Santo Tomas to a UAAP Finals stint last year.

For Gaston, the program is not just a typical all-women show, as "TBH" will allow them to express our own opinions, thoughts, ideas.

"We will dive into the topics that people don’t normally talk about. This is just us really being honest and having fun," said Gaston. who was Ateneo's UAAP Season 82 captain.

"Even if we're from different schools, our group dynamic is really fresh. This show isn’t really going to be just “girl talk.” When we were practicing, we really talked about a lot of topics," she added.

Cobb has something to offer for their new talk show that will be entirely different from other sports programs, especially on current issues.

"As athletes, we have a particular influence. We have to maximize that voice but it’s important to be knowledgeable and fully aware. We have to learn about these topics," said Cobb.

"Having a show now is very empowering. This is us being honest as girls, athletes, and individuals. One of the topics we discussed is 'change'. It’s a big word especially in this time of crisis," she added.
Rosier, for her part, hopes that other people can relate to them when they watch the show.

"With this platform, we will be able to inspire. Athletes care a lot about society, we’re not just about playing," said Rosier.

"I don’t think about filtering what I feel. I would say things that are true to me, and maybe people can relate. Sharing information is caring," she added.

Being a female athlete, Rosier wants the audience to show what they are.

"I want to change the stereotype of 'just being a pretty face'. I think this show will break that stereotype and we will get to share our experiences," said Rosier.

"Athletes are also normal people. We also struggle and people can relate from this. It’s okay not to be okay and this is the message we want to give," the University of the Philippines mainstay added.

In the new show, which will be aired at 8 a.m. every Tuesday with replays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Liga Channel 86, and Liga HD on Channel 183 on Sky Cable and Destiny, honesty rules.

"TBH is us being honest and what we believe in. It's the four of us collaborating on important topics," said Cobb.