PSC takes care of athletes during pandemic

March 30, 2020
Ramirez and his PSC commissioners
Ramirez and his PSC commissioners

DESPITE the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) under Chairman William "Butch" Ramirez is taking good care of national athletes, coaches and staff still in PhilSports' dormitories in these trying times.

Mary Jane Serapion of the PSC-Medical Scientific Athlete Services Sports Nutrition Unit assured everybody of continued operations even during the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Rice meals, vegetables, fruits, fresh juice and other healthy foods are being served to national athletes and their coaches.

"Nutrition is one of the most important factors to boost the immune system of our athletes. And during this emergency situation, it is essential to provide nutritious meals to our athletes, coaches, and staff," said Serapion.

"In behalf of our head, Ms. Karen Pineda and the PSC-MSAS Sports Nutrition Unit, I would like to tell our athletes to please take good care and protect youselves from this situation that we are going through. This too shall pass," said Serapion.

Aside from the remaining athletes and coaches staying in PhilSports' dormitories, the PSC also decided to welcome some 200 employees under skeletal workforce.

Security personnel and janitorial staff dine in for free.

The PSC-MSAS Sports Nutrition Unit is also very strict in following the workplace sanitation ensuring the health safety of the athletes and other staff, coming in and out of the dining hall.

"There is a sanitizer dispenser upon entering the dining hall. They can absolutely use that before and after meals. We have our handwashing area too. And we practice social distancing and crowd control to those who are entering the dining hall," said Serapion.

Serapion also said the month of March is supposed to be the first anniversary celebration of the PSC Nutrition Hall, but they have decided to postpone the celebration.

"We can just celebrate it next month or once the dining hall gets back to its normal operations," said Serapion.

The PSC opened two Nutrition Hall in Rizal Memorial Sports Complex (RMSC) and the other one in PhilSports Complex in Pasig City exclusively for national athletes and coaches.

Ramirez wanted to make sure that nutritional requirements for each athlete are met, providing a specific diet plan for each athlete depending on their sport, with a regular monitoring and assessment from the PSC Nutritionists.

The nutrition hall started operations last year, providing top nutritional care to all our national athletes and coaches.