TOPS Usapang Sports

November 20, 2018

THE first-ever “Usapang Sports”  by the Tabloid  Organization in Philippine Sports (TOPS) will be held this Thursday (Nov. 22) with no less than Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez and Games and Amusement Board (GAB) Chairman Abraham “Baham”  Mitra as special guests.

Venue of the weekly  sports forum,  set at 10 a.m., will be at the National Press Club Bldg. along Magallanes Drive , Intramuros.

Both Ramirez and Mitra, who head the two government sports agencies under the  Office of the President, will talk about the hottest issues in local sports.

Ramirez will discuss the PSC\s participation in  the different sports activities held  this year,  as well as its plans for the coming year.

High on the agenda is the  PSC's role in the hosting of the Southeast Asian Games next year and the Tokyo Olympics.

Mitra, on the other hand, will talk about the r ecently-concluded World  Boxing Council (WBC) 3rd Women's Convention and Asian Summit,  which was hosted by the country thru GAB last Nov. 16-19.

The three-time lawmaker from Palawan will also discuss the soon-to-be  created  Philippine Boxing Commission, whose establishment  was already  approved in the  Senate, and the agency's huge increase in revenue.

Also attending is  WAP president Alvin Aguilar, who will report on the  successful hosting of 2018 Southeast Asian Wrestling and Grappling Championship held in San Pablo City where the Philippines dominated the event.

TOPS  is  headed by veteran   sports editor Ed Andaya of People’s Tonight.

The  other officers are Matias Dennis Eroa of PDI-Bandera, (VP Internal), Beth Repizo of  Pilipino Star Ngayon  (VP External),  Enjel Manato of Abante (auditor) and Edwin  Rollon of Balita (secretary).

Board  members  are Frederick Nasiad of Bandera, Mae  Balbuena of  PM, Enrico  Navarro of Remate, Jeff Venancio of Police Files, Danny Simon  of HOY, Clyde  Mariano of Pilipino Mirror and Jesse Ong of Market Monitor.

TOPS is organizing the weekly event with the help of the National Press Club  (NPC) and Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA)